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"Tracey took the time to really listen to me. She asked me an array of questions. I just felt that she was there for me. I was spacey and not grounded at all, but after talking with Tracey I felt that I was in the right place and with someone who cared and truly wanted to help me feel good again.

I was new to Five Element Acupuncture and so wasn't sure how it all worked. Tracey put my mind at ease. She explained everything she was going to do and the sensations I might feel. During the treatment I had some deep shifts take place. The pain I had been carrying in my back for months disappeared permanently. On an emotional level I felt much more centered and at ease...."

Veronica Andrew, President, Eating with Love, LLC


Self care to ensure the best possible outcome
The day of treatment, before and after treatment please:
Arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow for relaxation prior to your treatment, if possible
Eat well and be well hydrated, while avoiding strong foods or heavy meals
Refrain from wearing any heavily scented products, colognes or perfumes prior to treatment
Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee or any other highly caffeinated beverages prior to treatment
Avoid excessively hot or cold bathing the day of treatment
Avoid overly strenuous physical work after treatment
Allow time to rest after treatment and avoid any other bodywork the same day of treatment

Initial Visit
The initial visit is 2 hours. This includes a detailed review of any major concerns or complaints and your reasons for seeking treatment. Your health and medical history, personal history, lifestyle and environment are all discussed and taken into consideration for treatment, along with a Chinese diagnostic evaluation and physical exam. Please fill out and bring THIS FORM with you. As long as time allows, you will receive your first treatment during the initial session.

Subsequent Treatments
Subsequent treatments are approximately 45-60 minutes. Your concerns, needs and goals are readdressed and reevaluated along with any significant changes or occurrences regarding you and your health. Your response to the previous treatment is reviewed and how you are presently feeling is addressed. This is followed by a brief Chinese diagnostic evaluation and then your personalized treatment is planned and carried out. Your practitioner will be with you during treatment and you will not be left alone in the treatment room.

Frequency of Treatment
The intention of treatment is to correct the deeper imbalances that are causing symptoms. The nature, depth, severity and duration of an individual's concerns, as well as lifestyle factors, along with your response to treatment will determine the course of treatment and it's frequency. As all people are unique, so is their response to treatment. Typically clients are seen weekly for the first 6-8 weeks depending upon the response to treatment and how long the improved energy balance is maintained between treatments. As an individual's energy progresses and improves, treatments are then spaced further apart to approximately once every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, once a month, every 2 months and so on. Coming in with the changes of the seasons, approximately 4-5 times a year is recommended as the ideal health and prevention maintenance schedule.

De-Stress Auricular Treatment Only
Five Needle Protocol (5NP), Auricular (ear) therapy is a powerful de-stressing treatment, which provides for deep release and relaxation, helps improve mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and aids in sleep. A brief questionnaire is filled out describing reason for treatment, pulses are evaluated and blood pressure is measured. A 5-needle protocol is used placing 5 small hair thin needles in each ear. The client then lies down for approximately 30 minutes, while your practitioner remains in the room. Once the needles are removed and pulses and blood pressure are re-evaluated feelings of deep peace and calming are often reported.


Payment *
Initial Intake visit - $115.00
Subsequent treatments - $80.00

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*Payment is due at the time of service.
*Payment in the form of cash or check is accepted.
*Please give 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling. Except in the case of emergencies, the full amount of service will be charged for missed appointments.

Referrals are the best compliment!
Please pass this information along to your family; friends and anyone you think may be interested in taking a positive step towards health and well being.

If you have questions about coverage please refer to your personal insurance policy as more companies are covering acupuncture. Upon request, a receipt can be provided to you which can be submitted to your insurance company, health saving account or flexible spending account to request reimbursement.

Free Consultations
If you have more questions about this comprehensive, compassionate, safe and effective style of medicine Tracey is available for a complimentary 20-minute phone conversation or personal meeting.

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